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Screen Guard Iphone 5 FRONT+BACK


Screen Guard Iphone 5 FRONT+BACK

Rp 15.000

REMAX is multi - Functional high quality screen protector that PET base material is made in korea with trust of quality. Not like cheap screen protector, REMAX will never reduce vividness of high definition display while protecting your screen. Try it, you will know the difference!

Light & Efficient LCD Screen Protector Set

  1. Anti - Search (4H Hardness)
  2. Extra crystal clear (Retina Compotible)
  3. Anti - Rainbow Effect
  4. Preventing blurri screen
  5. Buble Free

HATI-HATI PRODUK PALSU!!! hanya menjual produk asli Remax. Untuk segala pembelian diluar kami tidak bertanggung jawab atas keasliannya.