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Car Holder Proda Free Car stand


Car Holder Proda Free Car stand

Rp 55.000


  • uses it more convenient.
  • Cool fashion sense of style, hands-free, car phone correct answer.
  • Real phone navigation companion.
  • An multi-purpose, wide application.Shockproof,  Anti Shake.
  • Single hand operation, drive safer and not occupy space.
  • In addition, this car holder is compatible with most of mobile phone on the market.
  • Hand-held platform Proda Portable Car Holder Phone Holder.
  • Pedestal hand-held Material is TPU high quality with a choice of four colors – black, red, black – yellow, black – green, black – blue
  • design beautiful, simple, comfortable
  • stretch island as well as the vacuum does not mess fouling them. It is like glue stains
  • can be set on a desk, dining table, bathroom and other places, many
  • use with mobile phones. Up to 6 inches screen
  • Weight 62 grams Size 11 x 9 x 4.5 cm.

HATI-HATI PRODUK PALSU!!! hanya menjual produk asli Remax. Untuk segala pembelian diluar kami tidak bertanggung jawab atas keasliannya.