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Power Bank Time Series 12000mAh PPL 19


Power Bank Time Series 12000mAh PPL 19

Rp 195.000

Details about the product :

  • Battery backup capacity 12000mAh
  • Three USB charging jack
  •  2.1A peak current emissions
  •  The indicator of the battery
  •  LED light colors and light patterns.
  •  Has adopted international standards of CE, FC.

Special features :

  • Battery backup Remax Proda POWER BANK 12000 mAh PPL-19.
  • The battery life of portable devices available, always brimming with battery backup capacity 12000mAh battery with a USB port and Micro USB.
  •  Ekืe connect multiple devices such as smart phones, music players, cameras, etc., with LED lighting is featured. You can switch the color of the light Display format of fire.
  • Easy to use, ideal for portable use in emergencies. He is unable to communicate during the day.
  • Port Rechargeable top button - off and the battery indicator on the button.
  • The high discharge currents and channels for optimum 2.1A Rechargeable Battery Power Bank to keep in reserve for emergency power port Micro USB.
  • Quick Charge function for smart phones that support.

how to use :

  • Technical Information
  • Input: DC 5V - 2.0A
  • Output: DC 5V - 2.1A

Equipment inside the box :

  • Power Bank PPL-19 12000 mAh Proda - Remax.

HATI-HATI PRODUK PALSU!!! hanya menjual produk asli Remax. Untuk segala pembelian diluar kami tidak bertanggung jawab atas keasliannya.